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Your shoot

Your location

I am happy to shoot in a location that has a special meaning for your family. If you do not have anywhere specific in mind I have a few favourite parks I can suggest.

Your Clothes

They are your photos so you choose the look you are after. Casual, bare feet, more formal. Its entirely up to you. I will offer a few pointers though:

  • Choose clothes based on what each individual person looks best in. Usually the best outfit is Mum’s favourite one for each child. Stay with fairly plain clothes, not too many patterns, stripes or pictures.
  • A variety of textures (denim/wool/cotton) is nice.
  • I think a mixture of dark and light colours and bright and neutral colours works well and I steer away from matching outfits.
  • Any cute hats, chunky scarves in winter or special boots or bags your kids might want to wear or bring are welcome. Some kids like to bring a prop or toy that they love and that is fine too.

For young children a change of clothes is a good idea in case of any mid shoot mishaps.

Your kids

I try to keep my shoots as relaxed as possible. As a mum I know all too well that kids can often take a while to warm up. Don’t worry if they don’t seem to be co-operating or doing the “right thing” at first. I’ll just keep snapping away and when I feel we’ve got the rapport right I’ll start directing them a bit more.

I am always happy to wait for the kids to have a run around to burn off some energy before we ask them to sit still for a photo. Its important to me that everyone is relaxed and has fun, parents included!





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